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  This newsletter will give you information about what campaigns Common Weal is running and how you can get involved in them. 
  This is a daily newsletter Monday to Friday which gives you easy, summary access to all of CommonSpace’s news, opinion and features pieces from that day. 
  This newsletter will give a monthly update on all Common Weal and CommonSpace’s work in short, summarised fashion. This list will also occasionally provide information about Common Weal events or new initiatives or things like new publications you may be interested in, and also to highlight any particularly important campaigns or policy launches that come out from time to time that we think you’ll want to know about. It will also occasionally let you know about new Common Weal and CommonSpace fundraising campaigns we ask you and others to support. 
  Common Weal has a network of local groups across Scotland. This newsletter will be their space to share with you the kinds of work and projects they are doing - for your information and so you can get involved in local action in your area. 
  This is a newsletter which will give people who are interested in Scottish public policy access to news on policy work coming from us and other partner and relevant organisations. It will give you access to briefings and analysis as well as launch announcements for our major reports.